Branscher, EA-koder MD.xx

MD 0101 Non-active devices for anaesthesia, emergency and intensive care
MD 0104 Non-active medical devices with measuring function
MD 0106 Non-active instruments
MD 0301 Bandages and wound dressings
MD 0401 Non-active dental devices/equipment and instruments
MD 0402 Dental materials
MD 0403 Dental implants
MD 1102 Respiratory devices, devices including hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy, inhalation anaesthesia
MD 1106 Active dental devices
MD 1107 Active devices for disinfection and sterilization
MD 1109 Active devices for patient positioning and transport
MD 1111 Software
MD 1201 Imaging devices utilising ionizing radiation
MD 1301 Monitoring devices of non-vital physiological parameters
MDS 7006 Medical devices in sterile condition
MDS 7006* Sterilization method for Medical devices

Alla MD.xx